Reader Training

We take very seriously the office of the Lay Reader in our community. These are the steps for becoming approved as a Lay Reader:

  • Discuss and get approval from Fr. Michael to begin training
  • Complete the prerequisite reading (below)
  • Watch all instructional videos (below)
  • Record and review yourself reading a chapter of Scripture on 3 different days
  • Attend a debrief seminar (Scheduled with Fr. Michael)
  • Read at 2 offices with Fr. Michael present and debrief afterwards
  • (If you will be leading services, Offices, or the Prayers of the People) Lead 2 Offices w/ Fr. Michael present and debrief afterwards
  • 10-12 months after you have begun being a Lay Reader, please re-read all of the readings and re-watch all of the videos (this is a good practice to do every year or two afterwards)

Please read the following before beginning the video:

Video Classes

For each video, please schedule a time when you can watch the video in its entirety and without any other distraction (ie driving, cleaning, walking, cooking, etc.).

For anyone interested: Here are the teaching notes