The purpose of liturgical prayer

The main purpose of the form of prayer found here at the Trinity Mission is to immerse us in the Scriptures. We firmly believe that sitting quietly alone and praying your heart to God is something that all Christians should do, and of course you don’t need pre-formed words to do that.

The goal of liturgical prayer, however, is not only praying itself but learning to pray. The way we pray has a formative impact on how and what we believe about God. For this reason, the Daily Office gives us the very pure word of God or that which is evidently grounded upon the same so that we may pray the Scriptures back to God, thus relating to Him within the boundaries of how He has revealed Himself.

The use of the Scriptures in a way of prayer is a practice that God has used to form the hearts and minds of his people throughout the ages, beginning with the Hebrews, continuing with the Apostles, and throughout the centuries of the Church.

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