About Our Daily Office Lectionary

When we began podcasting several years ago, our province (Anglican Church North America) did not have an official lectionary and we could not find an acceptable one among the many choices available to us. So we created one: The Trinity Mission – Daily Readings for the Christian Year. We created it with the following values:

  • Read through every part of the New Testament at least twice a year
  • Read through greater part of the Old Testament every year
  • Coordinate with the RCL/’79BCP Sunday readings
  • Consist of one OT and one NT reading for each day
  • Both OT and NT readings that proceed semi-continuously (even across Holy Days)
  • Use readings that follow the liturgical season with special readings for Holy Days
  • Have each reading be manageable for our daily prayer service
  • Be simple and clear as to which reading is to be used on any given date

HERE you can see the order of readings for this year.

HERE you can buy a hard copy of it for yourself or you can download the pdf for free.

HERE you can see what Scripture is not covered by our lectionary (mainly OT genealogies, boundary descriptions, and some duties of the Levites).

In early March, the ACNA released a trial Daily Office lectionary. You can find it here.

It is our desire to align our work with the provincial work. However, at this time there is one primary and several secondary issues that we are, as yet, unable to figure out a way around. That primary issue is that the trial use lectionary requires a person to do both Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer in order to have continuous readings. For example: if Genesis 1 is read this morning, Genesis 2 is read this evening and Genesis 3 will be read tomorrow morning.

This, however, is not how the majority of people use our services. We certainly agree that it is the ideal that we as Christians would gather for prayer at both Morning and Evening. But we don’t feel that it will achieve our particular goals if we require it of people who may just be taking first steps in this direction of the Daily Office.

Our secondary issues are detailed here and include coverage of Scripture. For example, Genesis 1-3 is only read once every 2 or 3 years (depending on Easter); four chapters of Proverbs are never read; and ten chapters of Proverbs will only be read 6 times in the next 20 years.

Though we do feel that it is better to read more of Scripture and to read particular parts more often, it is only our primary issue above that at this point prevents us from switching all of our audio right now.

All that said, we do maintain a Daily Office site that uses the ACNA trial lectionary (text only as of March 14, 2016) at acnadailyoffice.com.